Bedford Lounge Suite By La-Z-Boy

R 36,999.00

Bedford 3 Piece Lounge Suite By La-Z-Boy

A 3-piece classic, contemporary 5-recliner suite

The BEDFORD suite has the following upholstery cover choices of fabric, leather uppers and full leather. 

Fabric from R36999

Leather Uppers from R48999

Full Leather from R57999

Incliner Chairs

Fabric from R7999

Leather Uppers from R10499

Full Leather from R12599

  • You have the choice of
  • Manual
  • Lay-Flat
  • Swivel,
  • Power
  • Hi-Lift actions with the single incliner chair

10 Years Limited Warranty

Dimensions (HxWxD):

3-seater: 1050 x 2000 x 1040mm

2-seater: 1050 x 1710 x 1040mm

Incliner chair: 1050 x 1080 x 1040mm