3 Pce Angeles Recliner Lounge Suite with Consol

3 Pce   Angeles Recliner Lounge Suite 


Available in :

  • Fabric
  • Leather Uppers

The Angeles is supplied with the following reclining options:

  • 5 X Standard Recliners
  • Drop down drinks Consol

2 Years Guarantee
5 Years Warranty on frame


Dimensions (HxWxD)

  • 3-seater:  1020 x 2050 x 970mm
  • 2-seater:  1020 x 1930 x 970mm
  • Recliner chair:  1020 x 1050 x 970mm

3Pce -5Action Fabric-R25899,Calf Leather from R33100,Fashion Leather Uppers from R34499

3Div-2Action Drop Down Fabric -R10999, Calf Leather from R13999,Fashion Leather Uppers from R14599

2Div-2Action with console Fabric-R9999,Calf Leather from R12699,Fashion Leather Uppers from R13299

Recliner Fabric from R5399,Calf Leather from R6699,Fashion Leather Uppers from R6899